Our Nationally syndicated TV Show airs each week on The WORD Network, 93 Million Homes | 200 Nations! You are scheduling a call with our production team to discuss the details of our requirements to possibly feature you on our TV show.

Please Note: Our production team will review your answers within 24 hours and we reserve the right to cancel this appointment so, please make sure you fill out this form completely and seriously.

The #1 reason we will cancel an appointment is if you have not seen our TV Show, or you have filled out an incomplete booking form, have not prayed about being on our show, or we discern that you are “curious” and not SERIOUS based the answers you provide.

If the appointment is canceled, you will be notified via email within 24 hours.

Otherwise, someone from our production team will call you on your mobile number at your scheduled time.

Please be advised that sometimes our production calls run over and we personally apologize in advance that we may end up calling you 10-15 minutes past your appointment time. It’s rare but it does happen sometimes.

  • Please Note: If you schedule an appointment and you miss the appointment with our production team, you will not be eligible to be considered to be placed in our production schedule again for at least 120 days to allow others the opportunity to be featured on our TV show.

“If the Nationally syndicated TV show “Shark Tank” has proven anything, it’s that people LOVE hearing stories of inspiration from people that have activated their God-given dreams and that 1 Nationally syndicated TV appearance can change the fortunes of a person or a business overnight” TC Bradley, Host of God Made Millionaire TV

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